1st World Conference on Innovative Animal Nutrition and Feeding
15–17 October, 2015
Budapest, Hungary / Novotel Budapest Centrum****

Conference Chair

Prof. Dr. László Babinszky
Head of Department of Feed and Food Biotechnology
University of Debrecen, Hungary

Main topics

  • Climate change, mycotoxins and animal nutrition
  • New generations of feed additives
  • Alternative protein and energy sources in animal nutrition
  • Free communications (further topics that relate to innovative animal nutrition)

Keynote lecturers

Anne Picot
Head of Research Department
MiXscience, France
Dr. Michel Magnin
Scientific adviser
MiXscience, France
Lecture: Innovation in livestock nutrition
Stephanie Ladirat
Technology Leader
Cargill Animal Nutrition, France
Delphine Melchior
Technology Director, Strategic Marketing and Technology
Cargill Animal Nutrition, France
Lecture: Toward a better understanding of additives application
Dr. Michael Alexander Grashorn
Head of Working Group Poultry Science at the Department of Population Genomics
Institute of Animal Science, University of Hohenheim, Germany
Lecture: Alternative protein and energy sources in animal nutrition
Jannes Doppenberg, Ph.D
Senior account manager/Nutritionist
Schothorst Feed Research, Lelystad, the Netherlands
Lecture: Use of alternative protein and energy sources in practical swine and poultry feed formulations: what are the opportunities and pitfalls?
Dr. David Renaudeau
Research Scientist Physiology
Environment, and Genetics for the Animal and Livestock Systems (PEGASE), France
Lecture: Adaptation to high ambient temperature and solution for coping with thermal heat stress in pigs
Dr. Ronald R. Marquardt
Professor Emeritus
Department of Animal Science, University of Manitoba, Canada
Lecture: Mycotoxins in feed and animal products